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Between Now and Earlier (Our History)

Misr pharmacies chose its goal to be a civilized and contemporary alternative to the ancient Egyptian house of life, to which every researcher sought after medicine, treatment and education, and included the high priests, doctors and sages in ancient Egypt, who sought to spread health awareness and provide medical care to patients. The House of life was the hope of a better healthier and brighter life, and Misr pharmacies is aspired to its continuous work and keenness to the best and the latest in the field of pharmacists and experts from competent pharmacists to be the house of life, which is intended by Egyptians today for care, advice, medicine and medical guidance. We are one of the pioneers In pharmacy field with more than sixteen years of experience, during which the Misr pharmacies have been trying from the first moment of its existence to change the concept of pharmaceutical work and develop its vision and keep up with international standards in upgrading pharmacy services in Egypt, which made Misr pharmacies worthy as "House of Life" It was not easy to reach leadership and be on top, but we planned it, we made sure that our services are diversified and comprehensive not only for patients by providing them with medicine in accordance with the concept of traditional pharmacy, but also includes healthy customers’ services from the concept of modern pharmacy with a positive role in providing informed and honest counseling.

Our vision & massage

Educate the community and provide a unique shopping experience for a healthier and better life.

Promoting a healthy community culture to develop health and beauty awareness, to become a lifestyle.

Our Vision

Promoting a healthy community culture to develop health and beauty awareness, to become a lifestyle.

  • Upgrading health and pharmaceutical services.
  • Educating the community and helping it to form a healthy culture.
  • Disseminating health concepts among different segments of society.
  • Provide an easy and more distinctive shopping experience.
  • Delivery of pharmaceutical service to its applicants everywhere.
  • Provide informed and honest counseling to customers.


Our Values:

These are ethics committed by the team of Misr pharmacies in the belief of our dedication to serving the community and providing health care to him in a distinct modern spirit.


Misr pharmacies believe that pharmacy is a human service profession, seeking to help relieve pain and heal patients, and therefore our team is committed to honesty and honesty in medical guidance and advice.


We undertake to develop the pharmacy concept in Egypt and provide suitable services for our customers.


Discipline in the performance of work and care to benefit customers and respect their time.

Our Services:

Pharmacies in Egypt are keen to integrate their services to provide health care that Egyptians deserve.

Pharmaceutical services

it is the main service among our multiple services, and we aim to provide medical and pharmaceutical products and ensure that delivery and storage in accordance with international quality standards; to ensure its safety and maintain its pharmacological effects and effectiveness to achieve the highest levels of community health.

Personal care and beauty services

Our role is not only to provide pharmaceutical treatments, but we always strive to provide the best services and the finest in the field of personal care products and cosmetics. Misr pharmacies deal with major international and local companies in the field of personal care and cosmetics to gain the satisfaction of our customers and their trust.

To provide advice and consultancy

Misr Pharmacies is interested in communicating with its customers. To raise the level of public health and health culture in the community, our team of specialized pharmacists is keen to provide honest and informative medical consultations to our customers.

Home delivery

We work continuously and efficiently to provide the best and fastest delivery service by a trained team of customer service and delivery men with the best scientific means to ensure the safety and maintenance of medicines.

Divergence, Innovation

Misr Pharmacies strives for excellence and difference from others with its distinguished pharmaceutical services Our team believes that excellence and difference are not achieved by what we already did on the ground, but we are racing against time to always reach the innovative new, and keen to develop; to make the future of our society Healthier, more peaceful and brighter.


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